Swap Zap!
The Pitch:
A puzzle platformer with a simple but deep game mechanic; when you shoot at things you switch places with them!
Use your Swap Zapper to solve 60 challenging and fast-paced levels filled with imaginative obstacles and enemies.
Genre: Puzzle Platformer
Console: PSP

The objective was to make a game from 3 categories provided by the school (acting as publisher), the categories: Cartoon, Puzzle and Portal.
These categories had to be present in the game.

Project resources
1 Producer/designer
1 Designer
2 Programmers
6 Artist

1 week pre-production
5 weeks production
3 PSP-development kits

Obstacles and how to overcome
The Features:
The bar for this game was a bit higher than usual since the goal was to get the game on the PSP-network, because of this and the short timeframe we needed simple yet fun features and graphics to avoid bottlenecks further down the line.
After going back and forth the first week with different ideas we finally settled with the idea for Swap Zap!
The basic principle behind Swap Zap was that it had only one feature; You can fire a projectile and whatever it hits you switch places with.
The player can also aim in 360 degrees and jump, but thats it!
We all saw that this feature had a lot of potential and could become very deep provided we could implement various objects in the levels wich reacted with its environment

The graphics:
Working on the PSP would limit the artist somewhat but on the other hand changes could be made quickly and no one has a breakdown when something has to be cut or remade since most models with texture takes just a few hours to make.
I think the trick for the artist was to get the graphics cartoon-style without the use of celshading. Bright colours and cartoony sprites for effects helped get the style in the right direction as well as the "cutscenes" between the worlds.

(More info on the way...)
What went right?
What went wrong?
Final results

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