It came from outer space!
School project, Multimedia Fusion 2

The Pitch
An easy-to-play, turn-based strategy game for 2 players set in space featuring one team resembling the old cartoon the Jetsons and one team with a Cthulhu-monster style.
Aliens and humans build bases and warships in the skies of their homeworlds with the ultimate goal to bomd each others homeplanets.

Players can construct mines to increase their income, different factorys to produce fighters and warships, research and supportcenters to upgrade their fleets.
Players take turns to move their ships across a fixed gameboard.
Project resources:
Project resources:
Just me and 3 artist working indirectly.

2 weeks
Obstacles and how to overcome:
First off let me say I have nothing but the outmost respect for programmers, the difficulty of getting off to a good start in an application is staggering.
Trying to build a good base for the rest of the game to stand on is hard, at some point you will arrive at an obstacle related to the functions you constructed in the base and changing your base mid-project will effect many things.

First of all I had to construct some form of core to the gameboard, dividing the play-area into a grid.
The grid would then keep track of everthing that happened on the board.
After trying and scrapping all code for 2 days I finally had a system that worked; everything would use the brackets rather than the grid to be handled.

The artwork got handed in to me from time to time, the artists busy with their own projects. This was no big problem since placeholders in 2D games is much more forgiving than 3D games.

After constructing the core of the game the only real obstacle was the timeframe.
Final results:
As expected the timeframe proved to be the biggest problem, the whole upgrade system got scrapped completly.
Instead the research and support buildings would function as prequisits to build larger warships.
Lack of time also reduced the balancing of the ships. Some weapon functions didn�t end up the way I wanted to.
No pathfinding got implemented so players would have to move their ships square by square wich can be a pain when the fleets get larger.

Otherwise the game turned out pretty much as I expected.

Lessons learnt:
Being alone in a project will get you exact results but carrying all the workload by yourself sucks!
Never asume your user-interface is obvious.

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